Library Trustees

Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of the Month at 1 PM. The Board meets 12 times per year in the Rie Lamont Community Room, located on the 2nd floor of the library.

Trustees are elected by voters of the Cobleskill-Richmondville School District. New members are expected to take on committee assignments with the typical commitment being for two committees. Some committees are very active while others may be focused on a specific, long- or short-term projects. Trustees of the library are accountable to the public for prudent use of the library’s funds and work with the Director to help manage the present and shape the future of the library.

For orientation to the role of Library Trustees in New York: 2015 Trustees Handbook 2016.10 revision

2019.3.14 Board Packet2019.3.14 Minutes
2018.11.8 Board Packet
2018.10.11 Board Packet2018.10.11 Minutes
2018.9.13 Board Packet2018.9.13 Minutes
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2017.12.14 Board Packet2017.12.14 Minutes
2017.11.9 Board Packet2017.11.9 Minutes Draft
2017.10.12 Board Packet2017.10.12 Minutes draft
2017.9.14 Board Packet2017.9.14 Minutes
2017.8.10 Board Packet2017.8.10 Minutes
2017.7.13 Board Packet2017.7.13 Minutes
2017.6.7 Board Packet2017.6.8 minutes
2017.5.11 Board Packet2017.5.11 Minutes
2017.4.13 Board Packet2017.4.13 Minutes
2017.3 Board Packet2017.3.9 Minutes
2017.2 Board Packet2017.2.15 Minutes
2017.1.12 Board Packet2017.1.12 Minutes

Current Trustees: Fredrick Barnes (2024), Harriet Berard, Historian (2025), Linda Carpenter, Financial Officer (2026), Sandy MacKay (2025), Doreen Russo (2024), Virginia Downs, Secretary (2023), Kenneth Hotopp, President (2024), Rebecca Leggieri (2027), Nathan Davis (2026), Janet Sand (2027), Julia Walter, Vice-President (2023)

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