The Moment

by Yajaira Lopez

Third Place winner of the Summer Drabble 2023 Competition: Adult Division

She lies staring at the ceiling . . . as if in a trance. She hears this masterpiece playing. Every raindrop is falling with precision, creating a euphony that brings back that Wednesday night where fingers slowly found themselves woven, palms pressed, and feet gently waltzing underneath the streetlights to the soft serenade of a hummed melody. Their soft smiles complimented their synchronized internal rhythmic beats that flushed out the music from the traffic of the city. People began to fade into the background leaving only the two, with eyes locked, silently conversing. The moment where old-fashion romance won and walls crumbled.

Yajaira Lopez recently moved to Schoharie with her family from the Bronx. Her life in the city and on the island of Puerto Rico has influenced her creativity in various ways.

a view of an old cityscape seen through a window with scattered raindrops